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Graph Database Apps Ideas: The InfiniteGraph Contest's Winners

Two of the three winning projects of the InfiniteGraph competition look like really interesting solutions for graph-oriented problems:

  • “InfiniteCommits”, developed by William Cheung, allows users of GitHub to quickly obtain useful information that isn’t currently available through the GitHub web interface.  This application uses Play (a rapid Java and Scala web development framework) to generate a report of the most active files in a GitHub repository, while using InfiniteGraph’s Data Visualizer to see the latest changes and notes associated with each change.

  • “Call Graph Analysis”, developed by Vimal Kumar, analyzes “call graphs” extracted from large code-bases.  Vimal’s application uses InfiniteGraph to explore millions or billions of lines of code, and then quickly find all the connections and relationships between countless functions contained within the code.  This gives developers the ability to quickly understand and visualize the most complex structures and interactions among different software modules, which is incredibly useful not only in their work, but for training new code contributors, or as a visual aid for debugging and testing purposes.

Congrats to the winners and InfiniteGraph for organizing the contest!

It would have been even greater if these applications or the InfiniteGraph-related parts would have been open sourced to serve as learning materials for graph database newbies.

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