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Building a Nationwide Healthcase System: Riak and Gigaspaces XAP

This slidedeck presented by Dirk Deridder and Koen Vanderkimpen at Devoxx 2011 caught my attention not only because it describes pretty clear and succintely what the requirements of a nationwide healthcare system are, but also because I knew another similar case study which was implemented using a different solution.

Dirk Deridder and Koen Vanderkimpen, working for Smals (Belgium), have used Gigaspaces XAP, while Trifork and Basho used Riak for building a system whose architectural requirements are:

  • highly available
  • performant
  • scalable
  • flexible
  • secure

Architectural requirements of a Nationwide Healthcase system

Starting with slide 30, Dirk and Koen detail how Gigaspaces XAP satisfied these system requirements.

Original title and link: Building a Nationwide Healthcase System: Riak and Gigaspaces XAP (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)