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CouchDB Saga: Cloudant and Couchbase

The CouchDB saga continues. Klint Finley, reporting now for ServicesAngle, tells the different perspectives that Couchbase (the company resulted from the merger of Membase and CouchOne) and Cloudant (makers of scalable BigCouch based on CouchDB) have about CouchDB.


“We’re not the CouchDB company, we will never be the CouchDB company,” James Phillips, senior vice president of products at Couchbase, told me in an interview. Phillips explained that Couchbase is integrating replication and mobile technology from CouchDB into Membase Server (now known as Couchbase Server) but the company has no business interest in CouchDB (though some of its employees are still committed to the project).


Cloudant CEO Alan Hoffman who told me that Cloudant is still committed to the Apache CouchDB project. “If you look at the commits, I think you’ll see that our employees are doing a lot of the heavy lifting,” […] Hoffman said that he believes the project is in good shape. “The passion is through the roof. We’re firmly behind the community,” he said.

One thing I can tell from where I stand: both are wrong.

Original title and link: CouchDB Saga: Cloudant and Couchbase (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)