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Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.0 Released to Be Followed Soon by Production-Ready Version

Apache ZooKeeper, the high-performance coordination service exposing services like naming, configuration management, synchronization, etc. for distributed applications, has reached version 3.4.0.

Even if the official announcement was laconic, ZooKeeper 3.4.0 features over 150 fixes.

The most important ones are summarized by Patrick Hunt in this Cloudera blog post:

  • ZooKeeper 3.3.3 clients are compatible with 3.4.0 servers
  • Native Windows version of C client
  • Support Kerberos authentication of clients
  • Support Kerberos authentication of clients
  • Improved REST Interface
  • Existing monitoring support has been extended through the introduction of a new ‘mntr’ 4 letter word
  • Add tools and recipes for monitoring as a contrib
  • Web-based Administrative Interface
  • Automating log and snapshot cleaning
  • Add logging/stats to identify production deployment issues
  • Support for building RPM and DEB packages

Something to keep in mind though: ZooKeeper 3.4.0 is not production ready yet. After extensive testing, it will be followed soon by a minor release that will be production-ready.

Original title and link: Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.0 Released to Be Followed Soon by Production-Ready Version (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)