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Cassandra 1.0.4 Maintenance Release

Even if it’s only the 4th minor release since Cassandra reached the 1.0 version mid-October, these maintenance updates have brought over 100 bug fixes and improvements.

The list of changes in Cassandra 1.0.4 release:

  • fix self-hinting of timed out read repair updates and make hinted handoff less prone to OOMing a coordinator (CASSANDRA-3440)
  • expose bloom filter sizes via JMX (CASSANDRA-3495)
  • enforce RP tokens 0..2**127 (CASSANDRA-3501)
  • canonicalize paths exposed through JMX (CASSANDRA-3504)
  • fix “liveSize” stat when sstables are removed (CASSANDRA-3496)
  • add bloom filter FP rates to nodetool cfstats (CASSANDRA-3347)
  • record partitioner in sstable metadata component (CASSANDRA-3407)
  • add new upgradesstables nodetool command (CASSANDRA-3406)
  • skip —debug requirement to see common exceptions in CLI (CASSANDRA-3508)
  • fix incorrect query results due to invalid max timestamp (CASSANDRA-3510)
  • fix ConcurrentModificationException in Table.all() (CASSANDRA-3529)
  • make sstableloader recognize compressed sstables (CASSANDRA-3521)
  • avoids race in OutboundTcpConnection in multi-DC setups (CASSANDRA-3530)
  • use SETLOCAL in cassandra.bat (CASANDRA-3506) Merged from 0.8:
  • fix concurrence issue in the FailureDetector (CASSANDRA-3519)
  • fix array out of bounds error in counter shard removal (CASSANDRA-3514)
  • avoid dropping tombstones when they might still be needed to shadow data in a different sstable (CASSANDRA-2786)

Frequent releases are the sign of a very active and involved community working on a fastly evolving technology and not those of a buggy product.

Original title and link: Cassandra 1.0.4 Maintenance Release (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)