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An Engineering Mantra: NoSQL, SQL, Is that the Question?

Dan Pritchett[1]:

I find the debate about SQL and the flavors of other non-sql stores to be a little silly as they both have a role as do files. The question has to start with what qualities do you need from your persistence for your platform. Even that will uncover that you probably have different needs for different bits of data that you need to keep.

[…] Now we have a range of solutions that give us some real choice when matching requirements to solutions. But what are those requirements?

  • Life Cycle
  • Business Importance
  • Availability
  • Scaleability
  • Access Patterns

Each storage platform has strengths and weakness in each of these areas. What is important is to understand these as well as your application requirements. For each piece of data that you will want to store, match these requirements and the answer of how to store the data becomes clear in most cases. The question really isn’t SQL vs NoSQL, but as the NOSQL camp likes to state, it’s about selecting the tool that best meets your requirements for each piece of data you need to persist.

I don’t think I could ever said this better.

  1. Dan Pritchett: eBay, author of ☞ BASE: An ACID alternative, @driveawedge  ()

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