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Big Data Leaders

Jeff Hammerbacher (Cloudera) talks about how Cloudera is seeing the Big Data market in an interview for McKinsey:

Early adopters were clearly in the Web and digital-media spaces. But in terms of traditional industries, the federal government surprised me. They really are the leaders in multimedia data analysis—working with text, images, video. In the intelligence agencies, I’ve seen more sophistication than in commercial domains.

I was also surprised to see the retail space. Retailers had very large volumes of data, and because many were branching out into e-commerce, they had a lot of Web logs and Web data as well. There is an arms race going on right now in retail. If you can understand consumer behavior and get your hands around as much behavioral data as possible to better guide product decision making, then every penny you can eke out is increasing your margins and allowing you to invest more.

Financial services was one sector that I had hoped would be an early adopter, but these companies tend not to look at their businesses as a whole in the same way that retail does.

This market perspective is close to the one covered in the potential of Big Data infographic.

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