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Cassandra 0.6.6 Released Featuring Improvements for Operations

The latest Cassandra release seems to be focusing on improving operational aspects. Jonathan Ellis, Cassandra project lead, covers the changes in Cassandra 0.6.6:

  • Configurable IndexInterval: Instead of b-trees, Cassandra uses a more i/o-efficient design to find row location […]
  • Add CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=75 and UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly to default JVM options: By default the JVM tries to estimate when it needs to begin a major compaction to strike a balance between on the one hand wasting CPU by performing GC before it was necessary and on the other running out of heap space before it can finish the collection, forcing it to fall back to a stop-the-world collection
  • Document DoConsistencyChecksBoolean option to disable Read Repair: Read repair is how Cassandra restores consistency in frequently-accessed data after downtime of one or more replicas.
  • Use JNA to take snapshots: We introduced the use of JNA in 0.6.5 to perform OS-specific optimizations. Here, we’re using it to create the hard links; if JNA is not available, Cassandra will fall back […]
  • Add memtable, cache information to GCInspector logs: It turns out that logging information after a garbage collection run is a good way to get bare-bones monitoring information when nothing better is configured.
  • Cache save and load: For 0.6.6 we introduced periodic saving of the row and/or key caches to be reloaded at the next restart.
  • Tombstone removal during non-major compactions: Now Cassandra takes advantage of the bloom filter that we already use to avoid doing index lookups in sstables that don’t contain any data for a row.


You can get Cassandra 0.6.6 from ☞ here and read the complete changelog ☞ here.

Recently, Riptano, the company focused on Cassandra support, has worked on updating Cassandra documentation. The new docs can be found ☞ here. The part that confuses me a bit is why aren’t these hosted on the Cassandra’s website.

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