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Kyoto Tycoon: Tokyo Tyrant Plus Plus

Back in January I was writing about Kyoto Cabinet the successor of Tokyo Cabinet which reached the 1.0.0 stable version around May. Tokyo Cabinet needed Tokyo Tyrant for distributed environment.

So, if Tokyo Cabinet got Kyoto Cabinet as a successor, Tokyo Tyrant got Kyoto Tycoon as its successor. But this time it is not only an implementation language port, as Kyoto Tycoon also behaves as a cache system with support for auto expiration (something similar to memcached). Moreover Kyoto Tycoon is offering a RESTful-style interface.

You can read more about Kyoto Tycoon ☞ here.

Update: Brenden Grace has ☞ a post to which Mikio Hirabayashi, Tokyo and Kyoto creator, responded.

Original title and link: Kyoto Tycoon: Tokyo Tyrant Plus Plus (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)