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Grails with Redis: Painless NoSQL

Glen Smith trying out Redis support in Grails:

As for the Grails side, you’ll want to “grails uninstall-plugin hibernate”, since I’m using just redis without any other SQL stores. […]

So what other changes did I need to make to store my data in Redis? None! Graeme’s done all the hard work of implement all the basic GORM stuff (including dynamic finders) right into the Redis plugin! Rock on!


So the takeaway from all this is… if you’ve been keen to explore some NoSQL options, there’s never been a better time to have a look at Grails Redis support and dip your toes in the NoSQL waters. Having GORM support makes it insanely easy to experiment with your NoSQL store.

Even if there are ☞ some limitations, it definitely sounds great.

Original title and link: Grails with Redis: Painless NoSQL (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)