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NoSQL Companies Make it To Top 50 Start-Ups To Watch

A couple of companies involved in the NoSQL market appear in the VentureWire’s list of ”Top 50 Start-Ups To Watch”:

  • 10Gen - Provides an open-source non-relational database called MongoDB.
  • Cloudera - Provides enterprise-level support to users of Apache Hadoop, the open source software that powers the data processing engines of many websites.
  • Datameer - Offers a data analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop that helps business users access, analyze and use massive amounts of data.
  • Membase - Develops software based on open-source program Memcached designed for storing data behind interactive web applications.
  • Schooner Information Technology - Develops data-access application appliances for information-intensive Web 2.0 and cloud computing datacenters.

There are a couple more that are missing… but I’m not a VC.

Update: It looks like I’ve missed Relaxed Couchio CouchOne from the list (nb: wondering how old this list is!!!). Thanks to Ishaan for pointing that out:

Relaxed Couchio CouchOne: Developing an open source indexable document database designed for the reporting and storage of large amounts of semi-structured, document oriented data.

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