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Secure HBase Access Control: A Step Towards Better Security and NoSQL-as-a-Service

From Trend Micro guys:

Enter Secure HBase. Secure HBase adds support for table and column family ownership and access control. Secure HBase builds on recent development work in the Hadoop and HBase community, specifically:

  • First, we built on the Kerberos support that’s recently been been contributed by Yahoo! to Hadoop
  • Secondly, we implemented a Coprocessor Framework that lets HBase administrators load custom code that runs on HBase regionservers. We’ve submitted our own implementation for community review;
  • Finally, we have contributed our own Coprocessor, named AccessController, which enforces access control. This has also been submitted for community review at: ☞ “Coprocessor based simple access control” (HBASE-3025).

The (long) post provides a lot of details about the implementation and various other aspects of this solution.

Leaving aside for now the HBase Coprocessor Framework hidden gem, not only is this acknowledging NoSQL databases need better security, but this could be an important aspect of NoSQL as a Service.

Original title and link: Secure HBase Access Control: A Step Towards Better Security and NoSQL-as-a-Service (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)