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Membase Releases Membase 1.0

Big day for Membase (the company, ex Northscale) announcing the release of Membase (the product) 1.0. First time we’ve heard about it was end of July when we took a look at what is Membase. At that moment we’ve also learned that one of the companies using Membase is Zynga (nb Zynga is also a Membase contributer).

Now, 3 months later we have Membase 1.0 release[1] coming in two flavors:

  • Membase Server Enterprise Edition is a certified distribution of Membase, available for download and purchase at Annual product subscriptions start at $999 per node, granting a software use license and access to the Membase Network, which delivers software upgrades, hot fixes, maintenance releases and product support.
  • Membase Server Community Edition is a community binary, downloadable at, where developers can also access and contribute to the source code.

By checking the “supporting quotes” section of the announcement, I’m also noticing a couple of other Membase users: ShareThis, NaviNet, Loggly. So hopefully soon we will also have some case studies.

Correction: This general availability release of Membase has version 1.6, but it is still the first production ready release of Membase.

  1. The official PR announcement can be found ☞ here.  ()

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