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NoSQL Databases Weekly Review 32

Last week most read posts about NoSQL databases

As you could expect the top news this week where about MongoDB Auto-sharding and Foursquare Downtime and then Foursquare MongoDB Outage Post Mortem. And I think there will be some more on this topic in the upcoming week.

  1. MapReduce and Hadoop Future: does Google Caffeine announcement make any difference to MapReduce and/or Hadoop future? A somehow related question is if Michael Stonebraker was right about MapReduce?
  2. Cassandra: Modeling A Facebook-Style Messenger: I said it before: from all NoSQL databases, the wide-column model is probably the most complex, so every examples and tutorial we can get they’ll prove useful.
  3. Why Enterprises Are Uninterested in NoSQL: two things are sure: 1/ Michael Stonebraker has a long history in the data space and 2/ his posts are generating lots of waves
  4. MongoDB: A ToDo App with Ruby and PHP: MongoDB practical language tutorials.
  5. Big Data from Sensor Networks: want some impressive numbers that we’ll have to deal with in the BigData era?

My favorites from last week in NoSQL databases

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