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New HBase YCSB changes - improves speed drastically

Ryan Rawson:

There is a new commit to YCSB […] This fixes performance problems in the HBase DB adapter. In my own tests I found that my short scans, which were configured to read 100-column rows, 1-300 in zipfian, went from 60ms to 35ms.

Also there is column selection pushdown enabled, which will improve the speed of any tests that are doing single column gets on a wide row (eg: readallfields=false, fieldcount=X). This is all due to changing how YCSB uses the Result object. Check out the commit for some hints. I have a longer email and patch about this stuff coming really soon.

☞ mail thread

YCSB is probably the most complete and correct NoSQL benchmark. And that’s basically a 40% speed improvement.

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