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RavenDB: New Features

RavenDB, the .NET document database, seem to be very active these days. While still pretty young, RavenDB seems to be adding a lot of features lately to catch up with the other, better known, document databases like CouchDB or MongoDB.

The latest added (or just documented[1]) features include:

  • Replication Bundle: master slave, master multi slaves, and multi master
  • Versioning Bundle – seamless audit trails for document changes.
  • Spatial queries – for geo location searches.
  • Authorization Bundle – per document authorization.
  • Document metadata – manipulating the document metadata at the client side.
  • Patching documents – avoid having to send the entire document on the wire, send just the changes.
  • Custom serialization – control how the client API serializes your documents.

While all these sound like good additions to RavenDB, I must confess that there are a couple of questions that I’d like answered:

  • how battle tested is RavenDB? are there any production deployments?
  • how many developers are behind RavenDB?
  • what support can you get for RavenDB?

Many of these questions do apply to other NoSQL databases too though.

  1. I enjoyed Ayende’s remark: “I am rapidly coming to the realization that if it isn’t documented, it doesn’t exist”.  ()

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