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Why Enterprises Are Uninterested in NoSQL

Michael Stonebraker in an article around this survey on NoSQL knowledge in the enterprise world

To get more color on the situation, I contacted a very senior technical guru at a large enterprise who is responsible for looking at new database management system (DBMS) technology for his company. I asked him how interested he was in NoSQL and, in effect, how interested his company was. He reported “no interest.” I asked him why. […] He then made one comment about OLTP, one comment about warehouses, and one general comment.

  • No ACID Equals No Interest
  • A Low-Lvel Query Language is Death
  • NoSQL Means No Standards

As relevant as a survey with 1 respondent (nb note that the comment thread lists a comment from another senior level technical person at a large enterprise stating they are “VERY” interested).

If you’ve ever worked in the enterprise world you know that those are the last adopting new technologies. And unfortunately most of the time anti-adoption arguments are not the technical ones.

Plus, sometimes it would be good to understand/be aware of the NoSQL hype cycle.

Update: John Fitzpatrick ☞ here:

But limiting your organization to SQL with the reasoning: “transactions are what we do, and that’s all that we do” is a dangerous path. It prevents you from exploring new business opportunities. The logic is akin to sticking with telegrams and avoiding the voice telephone. (Telegrams are written records and therefore can be stored, they can be confirmed and therefore audited, and they are the standard… sound familiar?)

Original title and link: Why Enterprises Are Uninterested in NoSQL (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)