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NoSQL Databases Weekly Review 31

Last week most read posts about NoSQL databases

  1. NoSQL Frankfurt: A Quick Review of the Conference: the title says it all, a review of the NoSQL conference in Frankfurt.
  2. What Can We Learn from JPMorgan Database Outage?. We don’t have answers for everything, but sometimes even the right questions can help.
  3. MongoDB: Agile + Scaling: an involved (technical!) VC opinion on MongoDB advantanges.
  4. Learning MongoDB: assorted notes from a guy learning MongoDB (this is the 2nd part talking about replica sets, sharding, etc.)
  5. Riak in the Cloud with Joyent SmartMachines: usually vendor benchmarks are not so useful, but this one looks really interesting. Plus it was performed in a virtualized environment.

My favorities from last week in NoSQL databases

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