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Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera: A Page of History

At a time when everyone is reading, writing, or talking about Steve Job’s biography, Wired has published a long article looking at the history of Hadoop (Yahoo-era), the Hortonworks spin-off, and Cloudera. While the article doesn’t cover the late rush into Hadoop world by giants like Oracle, IBM, EMC, and others which all want a piece, it gives an interesting overview of the Hadoop ecosystem dynamics:

The initial result is an amusingly heated rivalry between Cloudera and Hortonworks — the kind of rivalry you only see in the open source world. […] But ultimately, this Hadoop civil war shows just how vibrant the platform is.

“Additional investment in the platform and more people concentrating on the open source distro is good for community and good for Cloudera,” Olson says. It’s the sort of thing you always hear from a competitor when a new company enters a market. But in this case, there’s a truth to it. Bearden and Baldeschwieler’s efforts to expand the open source project can only help Cloudera — and the rest of the market.

Original title and link: Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera: A Page of History (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)