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NoSQL: 3 Things to Watch

Jeremiah Peschka (Quest Software):

Before you deploy any kind of NoSQL database, you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls of NoSQL databases.

  1. Architecture: NoSQL databases have different architectural concerns than traditional RDMBSes.
  2. Query Strategy:
  3. Data modeling: Data modeling in the non-relational world is an entirely new field.

I’d like to expand a bit on these 3 points.

NoSQL Architecture

The article refers to special networking setups when mentioning NoSQL databases architecture. But I’d say this goes much further:

  • ACID or BASE
  • persistency model (RAM, RAM & disk, disk, etc.)
  • read intensive or write intensive
  • distribution model (master/slave, master/master, masterless)
  • elastic scalability

All these are fundamental questions that you need to answer before thinking NoSQL or relational. Most of the time you’ll get a mix of answers for different types of data handled by your application.

Query Strategy

While we’ve covered this subject many times over here, it is worth reemphasizing that the more generic question to be answered is: data access patterns. This includes analyzing creation, updating, and querying requirements of your application.

Data modeling

I’ve alread covered data modeling aspects like access patterns, integrity, consistency.

And last, but not least ask yourself about your data and access security as NoSQL databases security is not quite yet there.

Original title and link: NoSQL: 3 Things to Watch (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)