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Django Getting NoSQL Support in Trunk?

We’ve covered Django and NoSQL extensively over here and now the news it that “official” NoSQL support might get into Django trunk:

Waldemar Kornewald: in my last discussion on django-users Russell told me that he’d like to see four proof-of-concept (or better) backends before considering NoSQL for inclusion in trunk. The primary point was that enough eyeballs have looked at the API, first. Now we finally have four backends for Django-nonrel:

  • App Engine (used in production), developed by Thomas Wanschik and me
  • MongoDB (used in production), developed by Flavio Percoco Premoli, Alberto Paro, George Karpenkov, and me
  • Cassandra (alpha/experimental), developed by Rob Vaterlaus with very minor hints from me
  • ElasticSearch (alpha/experimental), developed by Alberto Paro

Neo4j integration with Django seems to be missing from the list.

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