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NoSQL Databases: The Missing White Paper

Great piece, getting most of the things right, published on Pythian:

NoSQL databases are a good solution for a specific set of problems. Before choosing NoSQL database make sure you understand the application you are writing and its requirements. Be sure that NoSQL model will work, that it provides value and that you can live with the trade-offs. Make sure you understand the specific NoSQL database that you chose and that it fits your requirements. Make sure you know how to model your data in a way that uses this database in the best way and that you can deploy it in operations without losing sleep. Do your own tests – don’t believe blog posts and benchmarks. Deployed correctly, NoSQL databases are an efficient and reliable solution for a set of non-relational applications. Chosen for the wrong problems or the wrong environment, they will make your life very difficult indeed.

Should replace the ☞ Wikipedia article.

Original title and link: NoSQL Databases: The Missing White Paper (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)