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Big Data: What is a BigData Architect?

A recent job announcement on the ☞ NoSQL Google Group stemmed a few hilarious reactions. But I think it would be interesting to answer the question of is there such a thing like a BigData architect? What would be the qualifications of a BigData architect?

Based on this job post (nb I’ve removed most of the buzzwords in the announcement), a BigData architect would have extensive experience dealing with data modeling and data management (both relational and non relational) and designing and operating distributed scalable systems.

Personally, I think BigData is just a relative term: what is big data for a startup will not represent big data for Facebook, Yahoo, or Google. Also, getting from 2 servers up to tens with a couple of people and scaling from tens to thousands with tons of engineering support and budget is just a different “scale”. So, I guess the question remains: what is a BigData architect?

Original title and link: Big Data: What is a BigData Architect? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)