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MongoDB Use Case: Site Analytics, A Reoccurring Scenario

Remember Hummingbird, the MongoDB based real time web traffic visualization tool? And Eventbrite usage of MongoDB for page views tracking. And Yottaa’s scalable event analytics backed by MongoDB? This is how you’d describe why MongoDB is a good fit for this scenario:

I want to track a bunch of data for certain kinds of views and then display custom analytics. The data collected includes a combination of request environment and internal statistics correlated with request parameters. I did not want to write this to a traditional database for every request because:

  1. the data is adjunct to the functionality,
  2. it involves a select+insert or select+update for each request and
  3. writes are expensive. Furthermore, the write is not critical enough to hold up the request, and definitely not worth adding a queue infrastructure.

Original title and link for this post: MongoDB Use Case: Site Analytics, A Reoccurring Scenario (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)