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Oracle, Big Data, Hadoop...There Is Nothing to See Here

Rob Thomas:

Anyone that has spent any time looking at Hadoop/Big Data and has actually talked to a client, knows a few basic things:

  1. Big Data platforms enable ad-hoc analytics on non-relational (ie unmodelled data). This allows you to uncover insights to questions that you never think to ask. This is simply not possible in a relational database.

  2. You cannot deliver true analytics of Big Data relying only on batch insights. You must deliver streaming and real-time analytics. That is not possible if you are biased towards putting everything in a database, before doing anything.

  3. Clients will demand that Big Data platforms connect to their existing infrastructure. Clients don’t think that Big Data platforms exist solely for the purpose of populating existing relational systems. Big difference.

As I pointed out before, Oracle is neither the first nor the last using this strategy. But I don’t think this “let them believe we are providing Hadoop integration, but all we want is to push our hardware and databases” approach will sell very well.

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