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Neo4j Gets Geo Support

I guess that’s what kept the Neo Technology — the guys behind Neo4j — busy lately:

The Neo4j Spatial project supports the use of geographic data by providing utilities that simplify and support advanced capabilities like:

  • Storage of geographic features like points, lines and polygons as graphs
  • Indexing and querying based on location with R-trees, Quad-trees and other structures
  • Spatial operations for GIS and Location Based Services
  • Import/Export from existing industry standard formats like shapefiles
  • Exposure of any Neo4j traversal as dynamic layers with points, multilines or polygons
  • Construction of geographic operations from arbitrary combinations of traversals and relevant properties in the Neo4j graph
  • Support for well known libraries and applications


Even a GISer agreed in the past the graph databases are the obivious direction that spatial-enabled databases should take.

So far in the NoSQL space we’ve had CouchDB Geo support with GeoCouch and 2D geo support in MongoDB since its version 1.4

Original title and link: Neo4j Gets Geo Support (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)