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Node.js + Redis + CouchApp + BigCouch + CouchDB + TurnkeyLinux = Nirvana?

On Hacker News:

The reason for doing things this way is to make continuous deployment easier, but also to never have to reboot or change e servers much. The node.js services will be well tested and unchanging.


This should reduce maintenance to the bare minimum,and I can push out a new set of appliances over time and slowly migrate trafic to them once or twice a year when I need to update core funcationality.

Sounds like a cool combination, but I doubt that maintaining 4 different pieces will end up being as easy as he thinks it will.

Original title and link: Node.js + Redis + CouchApp + BigCouch + CouchDB + TurnkeyLinux = Nirvana? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)