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Neo4j: Bulk Insert and Indexing

Rahul Sharma continues his experimentation with Neo4j:

The BatchInserter works quite differently as compared to the GraphDataBaseService. The following are the differences which you see when you start using the API :

  • Transactions are not used while importing data, thus the data gets inserted a whole lot quicker.
  • Nodes and Relationships can only be created using a Map of all the properties that are part of the Node/Relationship.
  • You do not get explicit Node object„ all updates to the Node can only be accomplished using the node-id and updated Map of properties.

Make sure you check the Neo4j batch insert ☞ official docs too:

Be aware that the BatchInserter is:

  1. intended use is for initial import of data
  2. non thread safe
  3. non transactional
  4. failure to successfully invoke shutdown (properly) results in corrupt database files

Original title and link: Neo4j: Bulk Insert and Indexing (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)