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CouchDB: The File system for the internet

Nitin Borwankar, Couch DB, VP of business development:

the goal here is to make couchdb the file system for the internet

via ☞ Chris Hardcastle

Sometimes I’m getting confused: is CouchDB for mobiles[1], or is CouchDB for scalable bigdata apps[2], or is CouchDB for disconnected web applications, or is CouchDB for Geo applications?

While I’m not saying that it should do only one thing, the message sounds a bit confusing when compared with other NoSQL databases: Cassandra, HBase: BigData for big boys, Riak: Amazon-style scalable key-value store, Membase: the persistent memcached, Redis: the smart data type, super fast key-value store.

Original title and link for this post: CouchDB: The File system for the internet (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)