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NoSQL Databases in Review 28

Last week most read posts about NoSQL databases

  1. CouchDB: Sell it to Your Boss: some good answers to what and why CouchDB, use cases, and a decent dose of buzzwords to help you sell CouchDB to your boss.
  2. Redis: A Concurrency Benchmark: A very interesting benchmark of Redis behavior with varying client concurrency. This benchmark also uncovered a bug in Redis 2.0.0, which got fixed days later in Redis 2.0.1
  3. Using Object Database db4o as Storage Provider in Voldemort: Learn what is needed to develop of backend storage for Project Voldemort, using db4o as an example and comparing it with the BDB current implementation.
  4. Redis Snippet for Storing the Social Graph: a good code snippet showing how Redis can be used to store social graph relationships.
  5. Why NoSQL does not Impress Me: a couple of good, but also bad points about NoSQL databases and their adoption.

My favorites from last week:

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