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8 Areas of the Public Sector Where Big Data Could Make a Difference

Robert Atkinson:

  • Electric power utilities can use data analytics and smart meters to better manage resources and avoid blackouts,

  • Food inspectors can use data to better track meat and produce safety from farm to fork ,

  • Public health officials can use health data to detect infectious disease outbreaks,

  • Regulators can track pharmaceutical and medical device safety and effectiveness through better data analytics,

  • Police departments can use data analytics to target crime hotspots and prevent crime waves,

  • Public utilities can use sensors to collect data on water and sewer usage to detect leaks and reduce water consumption,

  • First responders can use sensors, GPS, cameras and better communication systems to let police and fire fighters better protect citizens when responding to emergencies, and

  • State departments of transportation can use data to reduce traffic, more efficiently deploy resources, and implement congestion pricing systems

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