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Graph Databases Market Penetration

Emil Eifrem (Neo4j) in an interview for StartUpBeat answering a question about the competition in the graph databases space (my emphasis):

There’s a lot of movement around alternative databases today and a lot of companies in NOSQL like MongoDB, Couchbase and Cassandra. However, when we’re out in the field and talking to customers, our actual competitors are in-house custom-built solutions.

This answer made me think that:

  1. Neo4j is the by far the graph databases market leader. And I’m not sure there’s a second place (InfiniteGraph maybe?).
  2. graph databases are still either unknown in many environments or perceived as niche solutions.

If I’d be a graph database producer, I’d not worry much about my product rank in the market. But I’d definitely be concerned about the current market size and graph databases market penetration in general.

Original title and link: Graph Databases Market Penetration (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)