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The Oracle NoSQL Database 11G

A bit after posting my predictions about the Oracle NoSQL database, I’ve received a link to a PDF introducing the Oracle NoSQL database, embedded below for your reference.


  • based on BerkleyDB Java Edition. Thus it is a key-value store
  • it’s a commercial product available as a Community edition and an Enterprise edition
  • single-master with multireplicas.
  • PAXOS-based automated fail-over master election
  • supports configurable consistency policies
  • auto-sharding
  • update: there’s no download available yet, the term mentioned being mid-October

Update: There’s an official product page: Oracle NoSQL Database Technical Overview.

Oracle NoSQL database key features:

  • Simple Data Model
  • Key-value pair data structure, keys are composed of Major & Minor keys
  • Easy-to-use Java API with simple Put, Delete and Get operations
  • Scalability
  • Automatic, hash-function based data partitioning and distribution
  • Intelligent NoSQL Database driver is topology and latency aware, providing optimal data access
  • Predictable behavior
  • ACID transactions, configurable globally and per operation
  • Bounded latency via B-tree caching and efficient query dispatching
  • High Availability
  • No single point of failure
  • Built-in, configurable replication
  • Resilient to single and multi-storage node failure
  • Disaster recovery via data center replication
  • Easy Administration
  • Web console or command line interface
  • System and node management
  • Shows system topology, status, current load, trailing and average latency, events and alerts

I was only half right about this one.

Original title and link: The Oracle NoSQL Database 11G (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)