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Redis: Support in Grails Reaches Milestone 1

In February, while reviewing Grails support for NoSQL databases, I’ve listed CouchDB, HBase, Neo4j, and Google AppEngine. But siince then, many things have changed. Redis is now under VMWare’s umbrella too, so today’s announcement of adding support for Redis in Grails should not be a surprise:

What is GORM for Redis? Quite simply it allows Grails developers used to the convenience of features such as dynamic finders, criteria and named queries to take advantage of Redis as their underlying store instead of Hibernate.

In case you are wondering how mapping objects to Redis happens, Graeme Rocher (@graemerocher), Grails project lead, replied:

@al3xandru hashes for entities, sets for associations and indices, set operations for querying. Simple really :-)


Original title and link for this post: Redis: Support in Grails Reaches Milestone 1 (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)