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NoSQL Databases Bring Stored Procedures Back In Fashion

Very interesting parallel from Shahzad Bhatti:

[…] stored procedures have long been used in client server architecture, dataware services, reporting, and other forms to run the business logic closer to the database, but they are generally shunned due to the maintenance issues. I find it interesting that NoSQL databases are bringing back the stored procedures in the form of map/reduce queries. NoSQL databases come in various forms such as key-value stores, document stores, column stores, and graph stores.

Most objections I’ve heard in the past about stored procedures where referring to:

  • lack of portability (vendor lock-in)
  • lack of maintainability (no version control, etc.)

While the first concern is kind of a false issue — how many times have you actually migrated from RDBMS to another? and in those case wasn’t the migration by itself more complicated then just rewriting some code? —, the second got a little better when using some of the new NoSQL tools (Hadoop MapReduce are Java sources, Pig are normal scripts, etc.).

Original title and link for this post: NoSQL Databases Bring Stored Procedures Back In Fashion (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)