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Riptano and Quest Partnership for Cassandra

When talking if a common query language for NoSQL databases would make sense, I’ve mentioned an interesting initiative from Quest Software, ☞ Toad for Cloud, that, through an indirection layer, would provide a SQL interface to NoSQL databases. There are still lots of open technical questions about such a tool, but I hope to clarify them shortly.

Today, Quest is releasing a new version of Toad for Cloud which features support for Cassandra, adding it to a list of already supported NoSQL databases like HBase, Amazon SimpleDB, and Microsoft Azure Table Service.

But that’s not all, as Quest Software and Riptano are also announcing a technology alliance with the goal of promoting Cassandra inside the enterprise market. Together they will conduct researches to determine the needs for specialized Cassandra tools (e.g. monitoring, diagnosis, ETL, et.c) that would make Cassandra appealing to this market.

I’ve been briefed about this announcement, but in case you need an official/PR announcement you can find one ☞ here

Original title and link for this post: Riptano and Quest Partnership for Cassandra (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)