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4 Questions About Big Data

Alan Berkson:

Filter: There’s information overload, which creates a strong need to separate the useful data from the noise. Curation has become popular theme. How will we identify and retain the data that’s relevant to us? 

Retention: […] Information is a living entity and like all living things has a useful lifespan. At some point it must be retired and/or destroyed. How will we continue to manage and maintain the data that is important to us?

Analysis: A key component of the value proposition of Big Data is analysis. Chris Heuer of Deloitte recently made this statement at at Social Media Masters in NY: “We are moving from systems of record to systems of engagement.” What can analysis of Big Data do to change your life ? Your business? 

Impact: Big Data represents opportunities and risks — social, business, security, privacy — there are many. These are issues we need to address as a society. How do we learn to live with the opportunities and risks inherent in Big Data?

Here’re a couple of thoughts:

  1. Filtering/separating signal form noise depends from solution to solution, but common tools could be useful.

  2. Retention: this is the space of archival solutions. I’m not saying it’s a one size fits all, but once again common tools can be useful.

  3. Last two questions sound too theoritical. There are opportunities, and risks, and benefits in Big Data, but I cannot see a common answer to these questions.

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