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The Best Month for NoSQL, Big Data, and the Data Space?

Last evening I was trying to catch up with the news in the NoSQL and Big Data space—it looks like nobody wants to pick up the job I’m doing here, except maybe GigaOm’s Infrastructure Curator Derick Harris.

After skimming for a while through the links I’ve bookmarked, I’ve started to realize that this month, September 2011, is looking like the most exciting month in the data space, including but not limited to NoSQL and NewSQL, Big Data, data analytics etc. Partnerships, fundings, acquisitions, major releases. Every couple of days I had a news about a very interesting announcement.

You’ve probably read about some of these, but I thought I should group them together so you could get the same feeling I got:

For a while I’ll keep updating this post to point to the most interesting news this month.

Original title and link: The Best Month for NoSQL, Big Data, and the Data Space? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)