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From Memcached to Membase Memcached Buckets


But this post isn’t about switching from a volatile cache to a persistent solution. It is about removing the dumb part from the memcached setup.

So I thought I’ll read about the advantages of virtual nodes/buckets and elastic clusters, cold vs warm caches, cluster recoverability, the widely used memcached protocol and the possibility to use extensions in future versions, etc. Instead I’ve learned about Moxy-based cluster configuration discoverability and how stupid the memcached PHP libraries are.

But I really enjoyed Matt Ingenthron’ quote:

at Membase Inc they view Memcached as a rabbit. It is fast, but it is pretty dumb and procreates quickly. Before you know it, it will be running wild all over your system.

Original title and link: From Memcached to Membase Memcached Buckets (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)