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MapR Raises $20m for Friendly Hadoop Distribution

We’ve already heard of MapR’s positioning as a Cloudera competitor for providing a friendly Hadoop distribution. But it was just another company among the many others trying to get into the Big Data with Hadoop space.

MapR goal sounds very similar to Cloudera’s: providing a tweaked enterprise friendly Hadoop distribution. But this round of funding, amounting to $20 million which places it close the Cloudera’s last round of funding of $25 million, comes as a confirmation from the VC space of this business model.

Here’s a quote from a VentureBean post covering this news:

MapR’s software takes Hadoop and makes it safer and more efficient for enterprises to use. It does this providing support for Linux HA, support for random read/write storage (or the ability to overwrite data) and a native network framework system. The NFS was created by running Hadoop on top of MapR’s storage system, as opposed to Linux.

MapR Hadoop distribution

If we are adding to this Yahoo’s spinoff focused on Hadoop, HortonWorks, I think it’s quite safe to conclude that we will see a lot of interesting things happening faster in the Hadoop world.

Original title and link: MapR Raises $20m for Friendly Hadoop Distribution (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)