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MongoVUE: What's on the Roadmap?

Ishan Kumar, the creator of MongoVUE, a MongoDB GUI for Windows, interviewed about the future of the tool:

(Short term):

  • Inline editing/updating
  • GridFS support

(Long term):

  • Support for Linux through Mono.
  • An interactive shell like the one that comes with MongoDB.
  • Data Visualizations – ability to fetch data not just as a series of documents but as interactive charts and models. Some preliminary work in this area will be available in the next release 0.3.1.
  • Data Modeling and Schema design. Although MongoDB is schemaless, there is much value in having a documented schema model for collaboration and communication in team members.

Sounds like a lot of work, but definitely exciting features for MongoVUE and MongoDB users.

Original title and link for this post: MongoVUE: What’s on the Roadmap? (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)