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CouchDB BigCouch: Cloudant Open Sourcing their CouchDB Scaling Project

I’ve covered the Cloudant solution for CouchDB horizontal scalability and mentioned that’s probably the most interesting one for scaling CouchDB. Now Cloudant has open sourced it under the name BigCouch and the code is available on ☞ GitHub.

What does it do? Think of BigCouch as a set of Erlang/OTP applications that allow you to create a cluster of CouchDBs that is distributed across many nodes/servers. Instead of one big honking CouchDB, the result is an elastic data store which is fully CouchDB API-compliant.


The clustering layer is most closely modeled after Amazon’s Dynamo, with consistent hashing, replication, and quorum for read/write operations. CouchDB view indexing occurs in parallel on each partition, and can achieve impressive speedups as compared to standalone serial indexing.

Let’s see if BigCouch is better than CouchDB with a Riak backend.

Original title and link for this post: CouchDB BigCouch: Cloudant Open Sourcing their CouchDB Scaling Project (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)