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NoSQL Conferences

NoSQL conferences and NoSQL events in 2012

MongoDB Seattle #

Date: Sep.14th, 2012

Location: Bell Harbor International Conference Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66, Seattle WA 98121


Schema design and architecture: Effective uses of MongoDB often evince data organization that’s different from what one finds with other databases, for reasons that range from performance to flexibility to architecture. This workshop will focus on patterns of MongoDB document design, and how they relate to application deployment architectures. Topics to cover will include migration from the relational mindset, techniques for taking advantage of asynchronous replication, shard key selection strategies, and more!

Operations Hands-On: Do you need to grow a replica set? Migrate servers to different hosts? Repair a deployment after hardware failures? If so, then this workshop is for you. Attendees will work through several model operational scenarios, covering both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks, backups and recovery processes, responding to database growth requirements, and more!


NoSQL matters Barcelona #

Date: Oct.6th, 2012

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: NoSQL matters Barcelona is part of a series of conferences around Europe promoting these innovative ideas and concepts, connecting users and experts.


All Your Base #

Date: Nov. 23rd, 2012

Location: Oxford, UK


A database conference for web developers.

Join us for a one day conference to explore noSQL technologies, RDMS and client-side solutions, with talks from database creators and industry leaders.

Keynote from Monty Widenius creator of MySQL, and talks from developers from GitHub, Heroku, Adobe, Mozilla. We also have the creator of OrientDB speaking and the UK head of Basho.


Past NoSQL Conferences and Events from 2012

Cassandra Summit 2012 #

Date: Aug 8, 2012

Location: Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Description: In its third year, the Cassandra Summit is the premier global conference for the Apache Cassandra Community. This year’s Summit will feature over 30 speakers in four tracks of sessions. We are updating speaker’s bios and session titles daily. In addition to the sessions, we will bring back our Meet the Expert’s salon, free for all attendees, where you can bring your toughest questions and work through them with top Cassandra engineers from DataStax, Netflix, and other companies. Whether you’re seeking the answer to a simple data modeling issue or advice architecting a solution, all questions are welcome. Think of it as free consulting. We have a twist this time around. We will be offering prizes for those who can stump the experts. Bring your most difficult problem! Needless to say, there will be a pre-party and after party.


1st International ICST conference on Non SQL Databases and Social Applications #

Date: June 6–8, 2012

Location: Berlin, Germany


Socials systems has changed the Web in different ways. Social network and search engine provider became central entities in the Web. A modern website is usually enriched with a user feedback facility or even a place for user disussions. That’s sometimes called Web 2.0. The new web is used to find new commercial partner, new friends, to exchange daten, to make appointments etc. pp. SmartPhones made the web mobile. We can be online whereever we are if we have a smartphone and an appropriate wireless infrastructure. Not all people have.

This conference is aimed to bring together researchers, practitioner and any interested party fro a fruitful discussion in these topics. Let’s discuss the next steps into a better new Web.

Site: INOSA Non SQL Databases and Social Applications

Berlin Buzzwords #

Date: June 4-5, 2012

Location: Berlin, Germany


Site: Berlin Buzzwords

NoSQL matters #

Date: 29 May 2012 – 30 May 2012

Location: Cologne, Germany

Description: NoSQL matters is an international conference covering the dynamic developments of Not only SQL database technologies. The conference focuses on recent advancements in the field, systems, and the relevance of NoSQL for both new and established businesses in dealing with vast amounts of data.

Site: NoSQL matters

NoSQL Road Show Zurich #

Date: April 26th

Location: Zurich, Switzerland


Are you frustrated by growing data requirements and interested in how non-relational databases could help? Curious about where and how NoSQL systems are being deployed? Want to build a “real” Highly Scalable System? Answered yes to any of these questions? Then the NoSQL Roadshow might be of interest to you.

These informative and intensive half-day sessions are designed to give participants an overview of the changing landscape around data management – highlighted by concepts like “Big Data” and NoSQL databases. After introducing the business problems, attendees will learn how to attack these growing issues, and hear first-hand how organisations were able to solve their modern data problems with innovative solutions.

Site: NoSQL Roadshow

MongoDB Berlin #

Date: March 20th

Location: Berlin(map)

Description: MongoDB Berlin is an annual one day conference dedicated to the open source database MongoDB.


Big Data and NoSQL at QCon London #

Date: Mar.8th

Location: London

Description: The software and computing community has put a spotlight on data and data architecture. New technology has emerged for processing and analyzing very large data sets commonly known as ‘Big Data’. Software such as Apache Hadoop has gained traction as an aid to big data analytics. Social networks have given us web sites with communities of hundreds of millions of users, putting an increased emphasis on systems and databases that scale. A class of key-value stores and graph databases, commonly called NoSQL databases, has emerged to enable us to build systems that scale out horizontally to support millions of users. Come to this track to explore emerging data and data architecture trends, including NOSQL and Big Data.

Site: Big Data and NoSQL at QCon London

NoSQL Road Show #

Date: March 2, 2012, 13:00 - 18:00

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Description: The NoSQL Roadshow starts off with an overview of the changing landscape around data management – highlighted by concepts like Big Data and NoSQL databases. Attendees will learn how to “think” differently when it comes to designing highly scalable systems and hear from the experts who are designing and utilizing Riak, an opensource non-relational database.

Site: NoSQL Roadshow Copenhagen Mar.2nd

FOSDEM GraphProc #

Date: Feb.5th

Location: ULB Campus Solbosch, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 50 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.

Since 2-3 years graph processing systems are gaining an emerging impact for processing complex semi-structured and interrelated data sets. Graph databases like Neo4j, Semantic Web and Linked Open Data approaches like the DBPedia project, and large-scale graph processing like Apache Hama encourage each one of us to think about our problems in graph like structures. Thanks to the high quality open source implementations and outstanding community support, this movement is currently wining a lot of momentum within different developer communities.

Inside this event there are run many developers rooms about different topics, this year we are having a graph processing room with talks all about graph

Site: Graph processing

MongoDB Paris #

Date: Feb.2nd

Location: Paris (map)

Description: MongoDB Paris is an annual one day conference dedicated to the open source database MongoDB.


Past NoSQL Conferences and Events from 2011

NoSQL Road Show #

Date: Nov.29th in London, Dec.1st in Stockholm

Location: London and Stockholm (map)

Description: Trifork together with Basho, Erlang Solutions and the 451 Group is organizing a “NoSQL Road Show”. These are half-day sessions highlighted by concepts like “Big Data” and NoSQL databases.

Site: NoSQL Road Show London Nov.29th and Stockholm

QCon San Francisco: Big Data and NoSQL Track #

Date: November 16-18, 2011

Location: Westin San Francisco Market Street

Description: The explosion of unstructured data has led to adoption of new data platforms for analysis and edge serving. Technologies such as Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, and Cassandra are becoming increasingly important in the modern enterprise. This track includes talks on how to use these technologies, architectures for applying and integrating them, analytic techniques, and what kinds of data and problems are a good fit for big data techniques.


NoSQL eXchange #

Date: November 2, 2011

Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, London

Description: Skills Matter is hosting their first NOSQL eXchange this November. The plan is for 7 speaker slots in one day with a mixture of vendors talking about what’s interesting and useful in their stores, as well as members from the community who are using NOSQL on their projects sharing their experiences and skills. Emil Eifrem of Neo Technology is already confirmed as keynote speaker. Also in place are expert talks on Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak and Neo4j.


NoSQL Cologne UG #

Date: November 6, 2011

Location: -

Description: Talk about MongoDB given by Marc Boeker author of “Sag Ja zu NoSQL” during the NoSQL Cologne user group meeting.


O’Reilly Strata: Making Data Work #

Date: Sep.19-21, 2011

Location: New York

Description: The inaugural O’Reilly Strata Conference brought a sold-out audience face-to-face with the people, tools, and technologies that are mastering the challenges of Big Data. It’s here—and it changes everything. From lean startups to global corporations, smart companies know that the future of business comes from harnessing big data.

Site: website

NoSQL Now! #

Date: August 23-25, 2011

Location: San Jose Convention Center San Jose, California

Description: a vendor-neutral forum celebrating the diversity of NoSQL technologies and helping businesses develop objective evaluation processes to match the right NoSQL solutions with the right business challenge.

Site: website

SDEC 2011 #

Date: June 15th

Location: Seoul, Korea

Description: Korea’s first noSQL related conference, and it is an event by developers and for developers. Speakers from Facebook, CouchBase, OptumSoft, Heroku, Amazon, NHN, Samsung SDS, etc. The sessions includes noSQL modeling, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, CouchBase, distributed filesystem, social network algorithm, partially faul-tolerant memcached cluster, TACC, Mahout, Doozerd, and much more.


Berlin Buzzwords 2011 #

Date: June 6-7th

Location: Urania Berlin (map)



Mongo Philly #

Date: April 26th

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Description: Mongo Philly is a one-day conference dedicated to MongoDB, the leading open source, non-relational database during Philly Tech Week. Early bird pricing is $50 and ends on April 5. General admission is $100 - use the discount code “mynosql” for 20% off

Site: mongophilly2011

Data 2.0 #

Date: April 4th, 2011

Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: Learn from Google, Microsoft, SimpleGeo, Factual, and 50 other innovators about what’s next in the world of data. The first conference to examine the growing importance of information accessibility in business, technology and society, the midVentures Data 2.0 Conference focuses on how the web is becoming the new database, and how businesses can better analyze and monetize this information.

Site: website

MongoUK & MongoFR & Mongo Berlin #

Date: London: Mar.21st, Paris: Mar.23rd, Berlin: Mar.25th

Description: A one-day conference dedicated to the open source, non-relational database MongoDB.

Structure Big Data 2011 #

Date: Mar.23rd, 2011

Location: New York City

Description: The Structure Big Data conference is designed to get you up to speed on how to make money using the data already locked in your organization. Come explore up and coming technologies that go beyond Hadoop and other NoSQL darlings (although we cover those too!). From storage and warehousing to intelligence and discovery, we look at what it takes to successfully plan for and utilize your company’s data. We then help you figure out how to take it further; to share it and monetize it outside your company’s walls.

Site: website


NoSQL track at QCon London 2011 #

Date: Mar.11th, 2011 

Location: London, UK

Description: The world of data storage is changing and in the last year we’ve seen products moving towards a polyglot persistence model. There are many new scalable storage solutions that are non-SQLish and these are handling more and more data. As this happens entirely new problems and solutions see the light of day - going far beyond the traditional view that all data should go into a relational database and be accessed using SQL. We will take a look at where and how NoSQL can be used from people already using it.

Site: NoSQL track page

O’Reilly Strata: Making Data Work #

Date: Feb 1-3, 2011

Location: Santa Clara

Description: Big Data is here, and it changes everything. From startups to the Fortune 500, smart companies are betting on data-driven insight. Get control of the new data opportunity at Strata—immerse yourself in three full days of hands-on training, information-rich sessions, and a sponsor pavilion filled with the key players and products. This new O’Reilly conference brings together the people, tools, and technologies you need to make data work.

Site: Strata2011

NoSQL conferences and events in 2010

QCon San Francisco NoSQL Track #

Date: November, 1st-5th, 2010

Location: Westin San Francisco Market Street, 50 Third Street, San Francisco, California 94103 (map)

Description: The world of data storage and usage is changing. There are many new scalable storage solutions that are non-SQL, and more data is being made web-accessible.
As this happens entirely new problems and solutions see the light of day - going far beyond the traditional view that all data should go into a relational database and be accessed using SQL.


MongoDC #

Date: November, 18th, 2010

Location: Washington, DC

Description: MongoDC will explore development with the open source, non-relational, document-oriented database MongoDB. The conference will feature 20 different sessions, on schema design, indexing, administration, replication, sharding, deployment strategies, and more. In addition to these topics, attendees can learn about MongoDB in the real world through a series of presentations about production deployments at companies like Intridea, the DNC, Sunlight Labs and Totsy. All conference attendees receive a limited edition event t-shirt and MongoDB coffee mug.


MongoSV #

Date: December, 3rd, 2010

Location: Mountain View, CA

Description: MongoSV is a multi-track, one-day conference in Mountain View, CA. The main conference track will feature 10gen founders Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz, as well as Roger Bodamer, the head of 10gen’s west coast operations, and several of the key engineers developing the MongoDB project. These sessions are geared towards developers and administrators interested in learning how to use the database, with sessions on schema design, indexing, administration, deployment strategies, scaling, and other features. A second track will showcase several high-profile deployments of the database at Shutterfly, Craigslist, IGN, Intuit, Wordnik, and more. For more experienced users of the database, there will be several advanced sessions, covering the storage engine, replication, sharding, and consistency models.


Hadoop World NYC 2010 #

Date: Oct.12th, 2010

Location: Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019, Tel: 212-586-7000 (map)

Description: Join us for the 2nd annual Hadoop World conference taking place at the Hilton New York Hotel on October 12, 2010. Register today to join your colleagues and community for an engaging and educational day, plus terrific networking at the closing cocktail reception.


Review: Hadoop World in Tweets

NoSQL Frankfurt #

Date: September 28th, 2010

Location: Goethe University Frankfurt, Horsaalzentrum 8, Uni Campus Westend., Germany (map)

Description: NoSQL Frankfurt is embedded into the annual ICOODB (International Conference on Object Databases) and held by Goethe University. Registration fee is only 50E and 25E for Students.
The Event has six talks on systems like MongoDB, Neo4j, Hypertable, Cassandra, and more.


Review: NoSQL Frankfurt: A Quick Review of the Conference

NOSQL Summer #

Date: June-September

Location: Around the world

Description: A seasonal, worldwide reading club for databases, distributed systems & NOSQL-related scientific papers.
Let’s meet, discuss and spread some NOSQL fun!


Review: Berlin Buzzwords Presentations

CouchCamp #

Date: September 8th-10th, 2010

Location: Walker Creek Ranch, Bay Area, US (map)

Description: Includes room, food, and beer. A few formal speakers, lots of unconference time + kickball!


Cassandra Summit #

Date: August 10th

Location: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, United States




MongoDB: Object Storage Strategies (Designing and Mapping) #

Date: August 10th, 2010

Location: Engine Yard, 500 Third St Suite 510 San Francisco, CA (map?)

Description: Come learn some of the strategies for mapping and storing your (object) data in MongoDB! With so much flexibility in how data is stored, and because each document can be different, it can be hard to design a schema that works well. We will investigate strategies for storing object graphs and relational data, in both linked (in other collections) and embedded (in the same document) forms.

Site: -

Using MongoDB with Scala #

Date: August 10th, 2010

Location: Gilt Groupe Offices, 2 Park Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY (map?)

Description: Brendan McAdams will be introducing MongoDB and reviewing how to use it with Scala. There are several drivers and ORM-like integration frameworks which will be reviewed, including one which Brendan maintains called “Casbah”. Casbah focused on providing a fluid DSL-like query syntax as close to core MongoDB querying as possible, as well as implicit conversions to simplify working with Mongo from Scala (but still using the official Java driver underneath it all). Discussion will also include the Lift framework’s recently introduced Mongo integration (including support for the ActiveRecord pattern) and Akka’s STM persistence using MongoDB.

Site: -

WebWorkersCamp #

Date: July 3rd, 2010

Location: La Cantine, 151 rue Montmartre, Passage des Panoramas, 12 Galerie Montmartre, 75002 Paris

Description: A first Parisian meetup for all those who like making fun architectures. Are you a CTO and you ask yourself whether your software architecture is still adapted? you are creating a new startup and wonder what you should use? this meeting is a great moment to learn and share experiences on the current best practices. With keynotes by our guest stars: Ryan Dahl from Joyent, creator of Node.js and Richard Kreuter from 10gen, the creators of MongoDB.


WindyCityDB #

Date: June 26th, 2010

Location: Illinois Institute of Technology, McCormick Tribune Campus Center (map?)



MongoFR #

Date: June 21st, 2010: 9:30am - 6pm

Location: La Cantine, 151 rue Montmartre, Passage des Panoramas, 12 Galerie Montmartre, 75002 Paris (map?)



Review: MongoFR Videos and Slides

Berlin Buzzwords #

Date: June 7th-8th, 2010

Location: Berlin Kosmos, Karl-Marx-Allee 131a, 10243 Berlin, Germany (map)

Description: Berlin Buzzwords 2010 is a conference for developers and users of open source software projects, focussing on the issues of scalable search, data-analysis in the cloud and NoSQL-databases. Berlin Buzzwords presents more than 30 talks and presentations of international speakers specific to the three tags “search”, “store” and “scale”.



MongoUK #

Date: June 18th, 2010: 9:30am - 6pm

Location: Skills Matter, 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP(map)



no:sql(br) #

Date: May, 15th, 2010

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil


Review: NoSQL Brazil Recap

no:sql(eu) #

Date: April 20-22, 2010

Location: London, UK

Description: NOSQL EU is a conference about non-relational database systems. It is sprung out of the observation that the era of the “one-size-fits-all database” seems to be over. Instead of squeezing all your data into tables, we believe the future is about choosing a data store that best matches your data set and operational requirements. It’s a future of heterogeneous data backends, polyglot persistence and choosing Not Only SQL but sometimes also a document database, a key-value store or a graph database.


Review: nosql:eu - First day and nosql:eu - Second day