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Powered by NoSQL

A reference list of companies or products using NoSQL databases. Hopefully this extensive list of NoSQL case studies will help you make informed decisions. Also make sure to check the posts tagged: Powered by NoSQL and NoSQL use cases.

If your case study is not listed or you know of one, please submit your story.

Powered by CouchDB

Vermont Public Radio (VPR)
Behind The New VPR Homepage
Ubuntu DesktopCouch
How DesktopCouch Works

Using CouchDB

☞ Case studies

Powered by HBase

Why we’re using HBase: Part 1
Why we’re using HBase: Part 2
HBase @ Adobe: An Interview with Adobe SaaS Infrastructure Team
Socorro: Mozilla’s Crash Reporting System
NoSQL Case Study: Migrating to HBase/Hadoop to Handle Firefox Crash Reports at Mozilla

Using HBase

☞ Hbase/PoweredBy

Powered by MarkLogic

Using MarkLogic

☞ MarkLogic Customers in Media, Government, and Financial Services

Powered by MongoDB From MySQL to MongoDB
MongoDB and eCommerce: A perfect combination (slides)
Mongodb and Totsy - E-commerce Case Study
Mitch Pirtle: MongoDB E-Commerce Case Study: Totsy (video)
On Forrst’s architecture (write-through cache)
Why Flowdock migrated from Cassandra to MongoDB
MongoDB in production at Sailthru
London startup uberVU on storing 5TB of data in MongoDB on Amazon EC2

Using MongoDB

☞ Production Deployments

Powered by Redis

Bump Technologies
Redis in Production: Bump Technologies
Initial Thoughts on Redis
Redis Usecase: Activity Stream Caching
On Forrst’s architecture (read-through cache)
Redis at Digg: Story View Counts

Using Redis

Meetcha, Mozilla, Addons, Posterous

Powered by Riak

Riak and Cassandra and HBase, oh my!
Cassandra, HBase, Riak: Choosing the Right Solution
Riak at
From Cassandra to Riak at

Using Riak

☞ Who is Using Riak, ☞ Riak EnterpriseDS Customers

Powered by Voldemort

Project Voldemort at Gilt Groupe
With 3.7 Billion Messages Under Its Belt, GOGII’s textPlus Launches Picture Messaging & Face Texts
Jive Software
From Coherence to Voldemort: Jive SBS cache redesign: Part 3
Voldemort in the Wild
LinkedIn Signal: A Case Study for Scala, JRuby and Voldemort

If you have a case study that is not listed please submit your story.

What’s next? Check out the list of all NoSQL databases and the most popular NoSQL libraries. Then get ready to use a NoSQL database.